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I forgot how much of a banger this song is.


Sup y’all,
We’re very happy to let you know about our new album today. It’s called Stranger Songs, and it’s coming out on July First via topshelfrecords.
This album has been in the works for a minute - we started writing this stuff at the end of 2012. Some of it was written before the stuff we provided for our split with thesaddestlandscape. We finished writing it at the beginning of 2014. Most everything we did with this record, we did in-house: Tyler recorded and mixed everything at his house, and I did all of the album design & photography (save for a few shots taken by friends, like the above one taken by Reid Haithcock). We tried to make the album as insular as possible, so what you’re getting on this record is just us.
We had Will Killingsworth master the album at Dead Air Studios & Kevin and Seth agreed to put of the record for us. It will be released on LP, CD & digital formats. We’ll be releasing more info soon (album art, pre-order info), but for the time being, you can check out our 7 inch Always Trapped and our 12” split with TSL over at the Topshelf site.
My Fictions
(photo: reidhaithcock)


So this is in like two weeks. I haven’t been to a show in a really long time.

Putting the final touches on mixing. Its been a wild ride. A million thanks over and over again to Evan for all of his help. Expect big things from us soon.‪#‎collisionblonde‬ (Photo by Mary Burks)
Anonymous: Memphis loves you, come play here?

We played there once a while back at a pretty cool community/art center. Would love to do it again.

ryantassi: what are your thoughts on the baja bandits?

Best skateboard crew

sad-pricks: Will we ever see a repress of Twins?

I wouldn’t count on it. Its up to Mayfly to do whatever they want with it though.


Good mail day #xerxes
bladeisspooky: I tried to get into the classroom to see you at Bled Fest 2013 and it was packed elbow to elbow. I think you'd still do well there.

Yeah it got better and better every year we played. I’m sure it’d be fun again this year but it’ll be nice to have a year off from that craziness. We’ll do some shows in Michigan this year I’m sure.

Anonymous: So stoked to hear the new record! Come back to Texas

<3 Can’t wait to get back down there

Anonymous: can't believe Evan isn't in the band anymore!! Those tats and that hair. Wish him well, will miss him next time I see you all :/

Yeah the boy had a bright future in the rockstar sex god game. Too bad.

Anonymous: Would you understand?

I’m supposed to ask you that. 

Anonymous: Is anyone in the band gay? IS EVEN WEISS GAY?!?!?! I saw a pic of him kissing another guy. I'm wouldn't expect you to know but yeah idk y'all are pretty hot


Anonymous: When will the record be out?

Hold yr horses man. I’m still tracking vocals. Give it a few months. Can’t rush art.

Anonymous: What happened to Evan? I met him on tour in 2013. Total crushing on him, but I haven't heard about him in a while.

He decided it was in his best interest to focus on school and stuff outside of being in a full time band. No hard feelings at all. He’s a hot dude but very not single :( sorry.