BrooklynVegan have posted the new track ‘Exit 123’ taken from Xerxes' upcoming album Collision Blonde out October 21st (listen here). Pre-order Xerxes new LP right here.


In addition to the premiere of the new Xerxes track, BrooklynVegan have also announced our upcoming CMJ Show,


Xerxes Stream “Exit 123” From ‘Collision Blonde’




Xerxes will be releasing Collision Blonde on October 21st via No Sleep Records. Stream a new song called “Exit 123” here via BV or below after the jump.

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A new song from our upcoming LP was premiered on Brooklynvegan today. If you thrive on/are terrified of routines and repetition then this is the song for you.

Anonymous asked:

With this new record coming out, is it safe to assume that you guys will be returning to Boston soon? You know, we love you here! <3

100% positive yes we will be in boston again soon and we can’t wait because we love you too.


split-foyer asked:

I've been waiting a long time for a follow up to Would You Understand? and, although nothing like the aforementioned or even what I was expecting, I'm really looking forward to the full release. I sincerely hope all involved are happy.

calvinphilley answered:

if you really look at it from the perspective of where this band was at would you understand? and what we became at the full culmination of collision blonde, its almost like CB is not even a follow-up but a full evolution. ben and joe didn’t even play on would you understand and i think that record was really just kind of a stepping off point for the kind of songwriting me and will were going to be able to do with ben and joe’s help. but either way, i think the response has been less confusion and more blown away, which we could never have imagined. anyway, thanks. happiness is swiftly fleeting and immeasurably shallow, but i think there’s been a little of it in louisville lately. 



Xerxes have announced plans for their upcoming sophomore LP titled Collision Blonde which will be available through No Sleep Records on October 21st, 2014. The new album was Produced by Xerxes & No Sleep alumni Evan Weiss of Into It. Over It. You can stream the first track from the album now…

Listen, share, preorder. We love you.

bladeisspooky asked:

Please drop a new track soon. I'm dying to hear the new LP. Also, please come back to the detroit area. There's a sweet house venue called Yonka House that would be down to have you tear up the basement.

There’s already a secret timeline in order. New music in time and Detroit as well. Cheers.