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sad-pricks: I thought you were from Louisiana

Never even been to Louisiana.

bladeisspooky: Please drop a new track soon. I'm dying to hear the new LP. Also, please come back to the detroit area. There's a sweet house venue called Yonka House that would be down to have you tear up the basement.

There’s already a secret timeline in order. New music in time and Detroit as well. Cheers.



Hi, we joined a bowling league last night. 
team @xerxs_

Photo by Eric Lish

Tour with Free Throw starts next week! Thanks Jen Herrig for the poster

June 4 2011

can’t believe this show was three years ago. i just turned 22. the love affair with boston will continue.
Anonymous: Take me on tour? I can constantly provide good tree and dabs!

we’re not into marijuana things. sry.

Anonymous: Who designs Xerxes' merch?

ben sears

bummer-art: Also, would you understand?, was my favorite release of 2013, hands down.

Thanks. Also I neglected to say thanks to your kind words in the last post as well. So thanks again. Hope to roll through yr area again soon. The west beckons.

bummer-art: I played with you guys in flagstaff about to years ago on the roof of a bar, and the cops came and shut our amps off mid song. That whole night has bummed me out ever since, i really hope you can still come to flagstaff again and that was in no way a representation of how flag shows normally go at all. If you ever come back to flag or are passing through and need a place to stay, let me know. Xerxes is amazing and i hope to see you guys again someday.

That flagstaff show had to be one of the weirdest we ever did. I remember when the cops pulled the plug, James almost got arrested for cussing them out for possibly breaking his amp. And also that it was originally scheduled to be at a strip club? Didn’t put a bad taste in our mouth for playing flagstaff though. Already had a bad taste for cops and shitty venue owners. You’ll find that anywhere in this world.

ianthedorman: Do you guys ever miss Mountain Asleep?

I think to say we miss mountain asleep would be saying much more than just missing a band. They existed at a really lucrative and exciting time in the history of Louisville punk and honestly the surrounding regions punk scenes as well. Every single person in that band is definitely dear friends, Ben even now playing drums for xerxes, and the music they put out from beginning to end was amazing and different in an extremely accessible way.
So to answer your question, mountain asleep and the era that they existed in ran it’s course, but we all miss it for sure. I mean, me and Dillon (who was xerxes’ first guitar player) were the first two people to even sing along to a mountain asleep song at a show. Personally I’m just glad I was there from the very first demo my brother played for me after school one day to the last show at skull alley. It was a great run and I would probably not be anywhere near the kind of guy I am now were it not for mountain asleep.